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Treatment Price Guide 

The Nail Bar

Natural look extensions           £37.50

Forever French extensions      £38.00

French illusion                             £40.00 (this is ideal for clients with small and uneven nail beds.)

Natural nail wraps                       £34.00

Sculptured nail extensions      £40.00

Maintenance                                 £22.50

UV Top coat                                 £2.50

Re balance of Forever French extensions  £30.00

Single nail repair                         £3.50

Glitter Enhancements 

We now have over 100 glitter colours, specifically for the nail industry and exclusive to us at finishing touches - these glitters can be as subtle or as daring as you want - beware of glitter nails elsewhere as hobby craft glitter does not give the same depth,clarity and sparkle as this range.

Glitter French                          £39.00

2 Colour fade                           £42.00

Gel top coat (clear or gel polish) £2.50

Gelish/ Shellac / Opi Gel nails

A revolutionary new treatment for natural nails - a gel polish that gives strength and colour that lasts up to 3 weeks.

Gelish                                             £20.00

French                                            £20.00

Gel manicure                                £32.00

Gel pedicure                                  £36.00

Gel removal                                   £5.00


Nail amour for fingers and toes that can last up to 8 weeks. With over 150 designs to choose from.

Minx toes/fingers                       £22.50

Minx with manicure                  £31.50

Minx with pedicure                    £34.50


Classic Manicures                       £25.00

Express Manicures                      £12.00


The ultimate pedicure service, the pedi throne, with its large luxurious chair and whirlpool spa, our pedicures cleanses,renews and restores the spirit and mind as well as the feet.

Classic Pedicure                             £25.00

Express Pedicure                            £12.00

Swarovski crystals Pedicure       £50.00

Eye Treatments

HD Brows 1st time                         £30.00

Maintenance                                    £25.00

LVL Lashes

LVL stans for length,volume and lift. instead of a traditional round rod to curl the ends as a perm this new technique uses a radical new silicon shield to lift the eyelashes from the roots - includes an eyelash tin.

Lasts up to 8 - 12 weeks               £49.00

Eyelash extensions

Semi permanent extensions that can last up to 3 months with top ups needed every 2-3 weeks to replenish natural eyelash loss.

Full set                                               £60.00

Maintenance                                   £26.00

Coloured lashes from                  £6.00

Bottom lashes from                       £6.00

Express lashes - these are applied 30-40 minutes and gives a full dramatic effect. These lashes need to be removed after 2-3 weeks £40.00


Chin                                                   £7.50

Face                                                     £15.00

Eyebrow                                            £10.00

Top lip                                               £7.50

Tint & shape

Prior to your first tint please call in for a skin test (free) at least twenty-four hours before your appointment.

Eyelash tint                                     £10.50

Eyebrow tint                                  £8.00

Eyelash & brow tint                    £16.00


Half leg wax                                    £14.00

Half leg and bikini wax               £20.00

Half leg and high bikini wax     £21.00

Upper leg wax                                 £14.00

Full leg wax                                     £20.00

Full leg and bikini wax               £25.00

Full leg and high bikini wax     £28.00

Under arm wax                             £10.00

Bikini wax                                       £10.00

G-string wax                                  £12.50

Face wax (eyebrows,cheeks,lip & chin)   £15.00

Top lip                                              £6.50

Top lip and chin wax                 £8.00

Eyebrow wax                                 £8.50

Eyebrows and top lip wax         £12.50

Forearm wax                                  £12.00

Brazilian waxing

Brazilian wax                                 £26.50

Half leg and Brazilian wax        £37.00

Full leg and Brazilian wax           £42.00

Gentleman's Grooming;

Eyebrow wax                                  £8.50

HD Male brow                               £20.00

Chest wax from                            £18.00

Back wax from                              £18.00

Underarm wax                             £10.00

Neckline                                         £10.00

Shoulders                                      £12.00

Small of back                               £10.00

Forearms including hands      £16.00

Full arm including hands        £20.00

Hands                                             £7.50

Feet                                                 £7.50

Full leg                                           £20.00

Nostrils                                          £5.00

Ears                                                  £5.00

Air brush tanning

Full body tan                                 £25.50

Courses of 5 tans                          £78.00

Hopi ear candling 

A treatment traditionally used as a relaxing and soothing experience to the ear. Can help with blockages. 

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